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No Hassle Decoy Anchor Weight Rigs

  • $29.99

H&H No Hassle Decoy Anchor Weight Rigs

H&H's No Hassle Decoy Anchor Weight Rigs have proven to be one of the most versatile decoy rigging systems on the market. Each rig includes a fixed almond shaped weight at the base and a sliding swivel snap which connects to the decoy keel. Our No Hassle Decoy Cord is made of green monofilament, so hassle free rigging becomes easier than ever, especially when hunting those hard to reach areas along the coast of Louisiana or Texas. With this no hassle system, we guarantee a more enjoyable, tangle free set up before each hunt, and a quick pick up once your limit is in the bag.   

Package includes:

  • 12 pre-rigged lines
  • 4" black carabiner

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