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H&H Lure Christmas Stocking

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H&H Lure Christmas Stocking - The Perfect Gift for the Fishermen in your life.

A great gift to give your Dad, Son, Uncle, Gramps, and that pond-hopping grandson or granddaughter.

We offer a stocking filled with either Freshwater or Saltwater lures, valued at $45.

*Order by December 15th for guaranteed Christmas Delivery

Freshwater Stocking

A great collection of some of our best selling Freshwater Lures! Crappie to Bass this collection has something that will get a bite!


(1) 1/6oz Pro Cajun Rigged with refills
(1) 1/4oz  Pro Cajun King Spin Rigged with refills
(1) Double Spinner
(1) Willow Leaf Double Spinner
(1) Single Spinner 
(1) Willow Leaf Single Spinner 
(1) Straight Shank Flutter Hook Jig Heads Pack of 5
(1) Double Jeopardy Worm Rig 
(1) 1/16oz  Sac-a-lait Slayer
(1) 1/8oz  Sac-a-lait Slayer 
(1) Finesse Blades Gold Willow Pack of 5 
(1) Swamp Frog Pack of 10
(1) Removable Split Shot Sinker Pack of 40

Saltwater Stocking

A collection of some of our best selling trout and redfish lures! 


(1) Cocahoe Minnow Jig Spin rigged with a 1/4 oz Jig Head
(1) 3" Sparkle Beetles Pack of 10
(1) Usual Suspects Swagger Tail Shad Pack of 4
(1) 3" Cocahoe Minnow Pack of 10
(1) Assorted Floats 
(1)Rattlize Stand-Up Jig Head Pack of 3
(1) Cheater Jig Pack of 2
(1) Kahle Flutter Hook Jig Heads Pack of 5
(1) 1/8oz H&H Glass Minnow Double Rig

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