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Cajun Grub & Split Tail Spins - Gold 12pk

  • $22.20

Cajun Grub Spins & Cajun Beetle Spins

Cajun Spin Lures have become one of our most popular lines for Bass, Crappie and Bream. The array of colors and sizes available make it a very versatile lure line. 

12 Per Card

  • H&H Cajun Spins are uniquely hand-poured giving them vibrant colors and patterns
  • Equipped with H&H Gold Jig Spinners
  • See below for details... Also available in Nickel!

 Cajun Grub Spin

(1/32 oz)

Cajun Tiny Spin

(1/32 oz)

Cajun Spin

(1/16 oz)

Cajun Super Spin

(1/8 oz)

Cajun King Spin

(1/4 oz)

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