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4" Queen Cocahoe Minnow (50-pack)

  • $19.99

4" Queen Cocahoe Minnow

There have been over 100 million sold of this deadly soft plastic lure. The Cocahoe Minnow is a must have in fishing anywhere along the gulf coast or wherever speckled trout and redfish can be found. This is a proven product by both commercial and sport fisherman year in and year out. Also, try our Cocahoe Minnow Double Rigs; two hooks = two fish at a time!

Available in 3" & 4" in 70+ colors!


Click links below for additional sizes and packaging options:

 3" Cocahoe Minnow (10-pack)

3" Cocahoe Minnow (50-pack)

4" Queen Cocahoe Minnow (10-pack)



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