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H&H Original Spinner Lure - Assortment Card

  • $29.99

The Original H&H Spinner Lure - Assortment Card

These lures have literally caught Bass by the thousands. There's hardly a Bass fisherman in the South who doesn't have at least a few H&H Spinners in his/her tackle box! Easy to cast and retrieve, the novice fisherman will catch like a pro! Today(55 years later) these are the only ORIGINAL spinner baits you will find with the living rubber skirts and prove to be the most consistent lure on the market. 

12 Single or Double Spinners - Assortment Card includes:

(2) 02 - Black+Black/Yellow

(2) 03 - Black+Black/White

(2) 08 -  White+White

(2) 22 - Chartreuse+Chartreuse 

(2) CF - Crawfish

(2) 35 - Chartreuse+Chartreuse/White


 *Cards available only with the colors shown cannot be customized


H&H Single Spinner 

  • 3/8 oz
  • Hammered Colorado Blade

H&H Double Spinner 

  • 3/8 oz
  • Hammered Colorado Blades

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